I’m bored! Five-year-old Jillian doesn’t enjoy sailing with her father and older brothers. They won’t let her help, and they make it abundantly clear that she is in the way. It’s not fun! Her father urges her to search for a seal with a pink bow in the ocean, and when she discovers Mary, Jillian’s imagination soars!  Soon she is talking and playing with a baby harbor seal, and discovering new adventures all summer long. Even when the cold weather arrives and Jillian can’t sail, she knows that Mary will always come back when she uses her power of imagination!

The Seal with a Pink Bow is a story of a special relationship between a father and his daughter, and the gift of creativity and self-entertainment he shares with her. It is perfect for preschool and early readers.



Searching the sea and land for “The Seal with a Pink Bow” was a game my husband invented to keep my young daughter entertained on long sailing cruises along the Maine Coast and Cape Ann. Jillian was bored and felt left out by her brothers who were old enough to help as crew members, fish, play cards, read and swim independently.

The “find the seal with a pink bow” game became part of every trip, and soon the seal sightings were so common that she gave the seal a name; Mary. Jillian took the game and made it her own by imagining incredible adventures, silly games and entertaining activities with her seal friend Mary. Whether they were finding buried pirate treasure or hosting a tea on the rocks, every day was filled with new surprises.

Jillian learned that she had the power to create her own fun and to imagine a friend who would always be there for her when she felt lonely, anxious or bored. In today’s world with ready-made entertainment, it’s important that children learn to stretch the boundaries of their imagination.


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