A Story About Family Ties
and the Magic of Imagination


About The Seal with a Pink Bow

Little Jillian is bored and feeling left out by her big brothers. Sailing should be fun, but not when she can’t help or keep up with her siblings. With the power of imagination, and encouragement by her father, Jillian befriends a seal named Mary, and together they set off on adventures all summer long.


About Ellen

Ellen describes her writing as “genre-fluid.” She is always inspired by real-life family stories, and that is why she’s written an historical fiction novel about her Irish ancestors, the children’s picture book about her daughter’s seal friend, and she’s currently working on a young adult book about growing up at a boarding school.


School Visits

Meet The Seal with a Pink Bow when Ellen comes with her adorable stuffed seal and reads her book aloud to your students.  Ellen will share the “magic” of how Mary the Seal was brought to life through her husband and daughter’s imaginations, and students will have an opportunity to draw and name their own special friend. In a world of ready-made children’s entertainment, it’s fun for young students to use their natural creativity and imagination, and discover that the sky is the limit on their artistic creations.


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July 25, 2019

When I wrote my children’s picture book, I had a clear vision of what I would like the illustrations to be—the only problem is, I can’t draw! Not at all. But I was confident I would be able to find someone who could illustrate, and who could bring my characters, setting and storyline to…

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This was not my plan. I have never even considered writing a children’s story before last summer. I certainly can’t draw, and I hadn’t read a children’s book in ages. However, everything changed when I was asked to write a story for a friend about her beloved dog. She had an excellent concept, but…